Barbecue in Makueni (BBM)


May 19th 2018

Have you ever been to a silk farm?

Well, if you wear clothes then this is the perfect experience for you! On May 19th 2018, we’ll take you on a behind the scenes tour to learn exactly how it’s made.

We’ll meet you outside the Hilton Hotel at 6:45 am and whisk you off to the Kenyan countryside where you’ll get to admire our country’s beautiful landscapes and enjoy the dramatic terrain on the lofty escarpments of Makueni County.

At the silk farm, you’ll get a unique insight into the different stages involved in the production of this luxurious fabric. From the growing of the castor plant to the breeding of the silkworms, spinning mills, weaving and finally the dyeing process.

Let go of all the city hustles and let us treat you to a picnic-style barbeque as we indulge together in good cheer and laughter. Just enjoy the moment and remember to take in as much of the crisp, fresh air as you can.

After lunch, we’ll get our hands dirty as we dye our very own hand-picked, silkworm cocoons. And the best part – you get to carry them home as a souvenir to remind you of this adventure-filled day. If you like, at the end of the tour you will get an opportunity to buy some handmade, eco-friendly silk, cotton and recycled products that make the perfect gift for your family and friends.


Your investment starts at Ksh. 4,000 for adults and Ksh. 3,000 for children aged 10 years and below.

Payable on or before May 16th, 2018 via M-PESA 0721938499 (to Murugi Kahare)

Contact Murugi on 0721 938 499 for any questions or queries regarding the trip.

Your trip Includes:

  1. Ground transportation to and from the silk farm
  2. Lunch
  3. One 500ml bottle of water
  4. Entrance fees into the silk farm
  5. Activities in the itinerary

Your trip does not include:

Transport to the Hilton Hotel

Remember to:

  1. Carry a hat, a pair of sunglasses, a sweater (in case it gets chilly), an extra drink (if you one bottle of water will not be adequate for you), a camera (your phone will also do)
  2. Wear some comfortable (closed) shoes and clothing